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Fortuna Red 100's cigarettes

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Fortuna Red 100's cigarettes

por alisa086 » Ter Abr 10, 2018 7:40 am

aimed at helping social science researchers gauge the site’s impact on key political events.

In a post issued this morning, the company’s Vice President of Communications and Public Policy Director of Research outlined the plan and hammered home its focus on impartial data collection. “Facebook will not have any right to review or approve their research findings prior to publication,” the pair writes.

The initiative is backed by a who’s who of nonprofit foundations that will sound familiar to anyone who’s spent any time with the dial tuned to NPR. The group hopes lessons learned from Brexit and the presidential election will help shed some light on how the social media behemoth could potentially impact upcoming elections like U.S. midterms, Brazil, India and Mexico — a pretty aggressive timeframe for this kind of work.

“[W]e think it’s an important new model for partnerships between industry and academia,” the pair writes. “Second, the last two years have taught us that the same Facebook tools that help politicians connect with their constituents — and different communities debate the issues they care about — can also be misused to manipulate and deceive.”

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